Following yesterday’s events and the subsequent cancellation of The Last Jubilee we feel we owe it to you all to offer something of a proper explanation of events.

Firstly let us assure you that we were as shocked as you all when we were served with a cancellation notice at 11.30am yesterday (31-5-12).

The preparation of the site was already well under way with fencing, drainage, marquees and many other items already in place, as you would expect for an event of this size.

We have strived at every turn to comply with the venues demands re: security, noise, capacity, health & safety etc. And had completed an extensive Event Management Plan which the venue had been in possession of for many weeks.

An earlier event at the venue has received a number of complaints concerning noise and to comply with their request we had curtailed the stage times for the bands and cut back on any late night events. Although we were still confident of putting on a fantastic weekends entertainment.

We understand the public’s frustration and annoyance and please be assured we share your feelings. First and foremost we really love this music and were looking forward to it as much as you all. We cannot of course control the comments and vitriol being directed at us via social networks but would ask that you see it from our point of view too. To say we are out of pocket on this is a massive understatement, so to suggest that this was some sort of ‘scam’ is really ludicrous.

Many of the people working on this event have come from events backgrounds so they really knew what they were doing, this was in no way an amateur endeavour and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their efforts.

Lastly, and we imagine most importantly, please be assured that you will receive a full refund on your ticket purchases in due course.

Thank you again for your support for this event which, sadly, we believe would have been the event of the Jubilee Weekend.